Service & Maintenance Updates

KLIA Ekspres & KLIA Transit are currently operating as a combined service until further notice. View the revised train schedule here.

Track Maintenance

Track work is essential to ensure the safety and integrity of the track. We sometimes need to restrict access to parts of the track to carry out maintenance and upgrading works. By closing sections of track to normal activity, we can get the work done much quicker and in a safe environment.

Track closures are usually scheduled overnight and sometimes require longer hours depending on what we do. We understand that no one likes to be disrupted. Thus, to minimise disruption, we would normally run a single track operation during the scheduled work. In other words, we need to combine the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit services into a single service so that our passengers can still get from one place to another albeit on a slightly longer journey.

What does track work involve?

Our team carries out various track maintenance activities at different locations during non-operations hours most nights. Sometimes the work would require longer track closure hours and include:

  • Build-up welding
  • Turnout frog welding
  • Rail exchange

Turnouts are the “switches” or points in the track where trains are guided from one track to another.

Track work

 How does it affect your travel experience?

  • During a combined service, trains will depart every 20 minutes. Please check at the Ticket Counter for the correct departure platform and follow the directional signages.
  • Trains will stop briefly at all stations between KL Sentral and KLIA2.
  • The total journey time between KL Sentral and KLIA2 is only about 8 minutes longer.

The maintenance work we do is critical in ensuring that our train services are safe and reliable for thousands of passengers who travel with us every day. If you have any comments or suggestions, write to us at:

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