Train Maintenance

Train Maintenance

ERL keeps the safety of its train operations at the highest priority. Its operations and maintenance (O&M) subsidiary, ERL Maintenance Support Sdn Bhd or E-MAS  has skilled staff working 24 hours to ensure its rail system is in excellent and reliable condition. Its trains have collectively clocked more than 66 million kilometres to date, with an average of 6,500 trips made per month. It is noteworthy that ERL has managed to keep cancelled trips, due to unforeseen circumstances, to an average of two or less in a month.

  • Strict adherence to maintenance schedules ensures that trains are in top condition and support our Train Service Reliability.
  • The kilometers travelled per day are monitored to determine the type of scheduled maintenance.
  • A complete overhaul [T6] is scheduled when 1.5 million kilometers is reached. The next overhaul programme is expected to start early next year.

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The maintenance work we do is critical to ensuring that our train services are safe and reliable for thousands of passengers who travel with us every day. If you have any comments or suggestions, write to us at:

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